Medal Mounting

Medal Mounting is our profession, we keep up to date with current protocol. We believe that to continually be educated and updated in our craft of Medal Mounting makes us the best at what we do, and gives our customers the highest quality product.

What You Should Be Aware Of

We stitch your medals down, we never glue them, as glues contain acids, and acids could harm your medals and ribbons. When Court Mounting we only use acrylic backing board for durability and longevity. Only the highest quality materials are used in the Mounting of your medals. We professionally clean and polish your Medals before we Mount them. Their are no harsh abrasive cleaners used in this process, such as Brasso or Silvo. All groups of Medals will have an even drop measuring 9.5cm All Mounting bars and Medals are sewn not glued.

Caring For Your Medals

Never used harsh cleaners, such as Brasso or Silvo, these may scratch your medals and mark your ribbons. For lightly tarnished or dirty Medals, rub with a dry cloth, if that doesn't do the job, try a silver cloth, these can be bought from most Jewellers. If all else fails you can bring your Medals to us, we will take them apart, clean and polish them, replace any damaged ribbons and restore them to their former glory.

Court Mount V Swing Mount

Court Mounting; is securing the Medals to an acrylic backing board, wrapped completely with ribbon, the Medals are firmly stitch in place ensuring they don't knock against each other. This is the current protocol for serving members, and by far the best looking way to mount your Medals.

Swing Mounted Medals; are sewn directly onto the Mounting bar, as suggested, they will swing against each other freely, but could scratch or damage one another.